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sentient planet

spring 2023 (work in progress)

concept art | visual development | user interface | 3d modeling

tools: Photoshop, Procreate, Blender
team: individual

A dying space whale, a soldier, an ancient science, a devourer of eternity, a prince, a fortune, and a reckless teenage girl. 


Space is a giant, interconnected cytoplasmic being in which civilization is governed by science rather than laws. Phoebe is a talented alchemist working on a cleanup ship. When the team comes across the carcass of a giant space whale, an animal that lives for billions of years and only dies at the tipping point of unbalance in a universe, they crash land on a nearby planet. An ancient deity is liberated which threatens the very laws of the Continuum. 

Can be adapted into both a feature-length film and an adventure game.

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