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summer 2021, 8 weeks

concept art, visual development

TOOLS: Photoshop, Blender

TEAM: Individual 

Worldbuilding and concept design for a science fiction/fantasy universe. Greenhouse is a blend of traditional Chinese influences in a contemporary, industrial world.  

Synopsis: Nanxun (南浔) is a city built upon water and survived by its deities. For millennia, the people and the water gods maintained a symbiotic relationship— the water provided the people with food and life, and in return, the bodies of the deceased returned to the water, similar to a life cycle. 

However, unrest brews beneath the serene aqua-blue waters as bodies begin to go missing from the water graves on the city’s outskirts. As the gods are deprived of their life source, fishing catch grows scarce and the water grows polluted. Yimu, a local funeral home employee, takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery, traversing the worlds of the living, the dead, and the divine as she goes. 

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